Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Come on down.

I live in the South, born and raised in the South. I am college-educated... of course, that was in the South too. I love the South. I love warm, no... make that HOT weather. There are fantastic and wonderful and quite intelligent people living all over the South. Why, oh why, must any Southerner ever shown on any Dateline, CNN, or the like, be the most idiotic sounding person below the Mason-Dixon line? I know the whole Southern accent thing... it can certainly make an incredibly bright person seem to lose a few IQ points once they open their mouth, but for crying out loud! I just wish that, at least occasionally, I would see an intelligent Southerner on the news. Although... the people I see on the news? the ones without their teeth? They are the ones standing around outside their trailers after the tornado has come and gone. Does make it easy for interviewing.

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